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Because Crusading is What We Do!

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promoting a comm... [Feb. 4th, 2007|12:04 am]
Because Crusading is What We Do!


Hello all!

Activity's been a bit lacking in my LJ community, jrock_events_us, lately.  So I was hoping to recruit some new members!

jrock_events_us is an LJ community that's currently focusing on trying to bring JRock fans like us together for events in hopes of attracting more and more people, and eventually attracting even more bands to local (or at least, closer) venues/events.  I know that a lot was accomplished last year, but that's no excuse to stop working our damnedest to make it all even better!  jrock_events_us also serves as a way to spread the word when a band is planning to tour, perform, or make an appearance in the US.  Please join us to help spread the JRock love even more!

I hope this is allowed here!  If not, go ahead and delete it.  ^^;